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Kamis, 19 April 2018

How to choose a car insurance and how to Claim

We know that not everyone has a car. If you have a car you absolutely want to keep your assets. Insurance role to charge damages to insurance companies in the event of damage to your car. The process of choosing an insurance company must be done properly and carefully. Here's how to choose a car insurance and how to claim car insurance.

How To Choose A Car Insurance

There are two types of car protection offered by insurance companies, an option that you can choose is
1. All Risk car insurance. Car insurance this type is referred to as comprehensive or overall. This means that the insurance will pay claims for ssemua types of damage to the car. Ranging from light damage, weight, up to the loss of the vehicle.
2. Insurance Total Lost Only (TLO). Types of vehicle insurance coverage guarantee losses if the vehicle had an accident with damages above 75% as the vehicle burned, lost due to stolen, and robbed.
Both of the above types of insurance have advantages and disadvantages themselves. All risk insurance costs are indeed much larger compared to prior TLO Insurance if you want to add assets to obtain more protection.
If your car has an expensive price that it took a big charge, though lightly damaged, then you should choose the all risk insurance. This type of car insurance is suitable for car rentals or car course.
The risk of a damaged car is high. Car usage frequency effect on the type of insurance that you will choose. So, the more often you drive a car then the greater the chance of an accident.
Especially if you often pass route in crowd traffic. All risk, then, is the right choice for you. In addition, all risk is insurance car insurance for new cars. Conversely, if the car is parked at home more often than ridden out or rarely used then better choose insurance type TLO.
In addition, other than accidents there are also other factors that influence. The level of criminality is also noteworthy. In areas with relatively high levels of crime. If you live or frequently go to areas like that you better insure your car with TLO Insurance type.
So, either all risk insurance as well as insurance TLO has advantages and good of each. You can consider it fit what you need. To choose a car insurance for your new car, you should be able to consider much and adjust to your needs.

Tips On Choosing Car Insurance

1. Don't pick just because premiums were cheap. Many insurance companies offer premium rates specials are cheap, but there is not necessarily a guarantee of good service.
2. See the insurance products offered (extensive warranties, on-site, and profits) < Consumers should carefully see whether also offered emergency service, car service crane, and call center services that can simplify the time suffered losses or accidents that occur unexpectedly arrived.
3. see the network from the insurance company in question Notice how many branch offices or how many partners workshop, so that the consumer cannot claim once there have to wait long to repair the vehicle or a vehicle reported missing.

4. To consider the insurance company bonafiditas Don't get so there is any counterparty's workshop claims do not have. Not a few insurance companies claim they are the best but surely not.
5. Compare quotes from multiple car insurance Consider the advantages and disadvantages of the existing insurance services, please choose the cheaper premiums with satisfactory service

How To Claim Car Insurance

One of the benefits is the insurance replace fees you spend to fix the car. Your car insurance claim could not be accepted if not following a clear insurance claims procedures. Insurers have an obvious way so that claims could be disbursed. Steps that can be done so that your car insurance claim can be successful with either:
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#1 Contact the car insurance
Contact car insurance over the phone at least 3 × 24 hours after the crash on the car. Tell me bagaiaman process what happened and say that you want to make a claim through the workshop partners. When the accident that made the car damaged occurred outside the city, immediately contact the insurance company branch office in the area. Then tell me the incident and asked for directions to do the claims there. Then dokumentasikan the condition of the car from different angles. Moreover, if the car suffered heavily damaged. This documentation could be proof that you are a real accident.
#2 complete the required documents
There is a car insurance policy information about what documents should be prepared to do a claim. Prepare all the documents to be brought to the workshop. These documents are usually:
  • Photocopy Of Insurance Policies.
  • Photocopy of ID card, driver's licence, VEHICLE REGISTRATION, and.
  • The identity of the other drivers involved incidents (if want to claim a dependent third party).
  • Mail lost from the police (in the case of loss).

#3 Attended the workshop Partners
After the files have been collected, attended the workshop partners and said they wish to make insurance claims. Workshop partners will contact the insurance company car and survey the damage. Don't come to the workshop which is not direct partners and doing service, because your claim will surely be denied.
#4 Fill the form
While in the workshop, You will be given a claim form. Fill out the form with clear details and honestly. Do not regard lightly the incident details such as when it happens, street number, and so on. If the data on the form is not as there is in the field, then your claim will surely be denied. After all the above stages traversed, lived waiting Word from the workshop.
Easy way To Handle Car Insurance Claims
If the damage is small, typically repair and car insurance claims can be completed in one week. But if the damage is severe, usually two weeks to a month of time even on even longer. Let alone if it had to bring in spare parts from abroad the import alias. The new items are available after obtaining the order. For car insurance, car insurance most companies now provide a replacement vehicle for the car insurance car participants must stay at the workshop in a prolonged period of time.

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